#eterno flowers

My eterno flowers purchased last year didn’t look eterno anymore this summer,so I decided to give them autumn makeover. Can of golden spray can really do magic and it’s an instant change. I am really happy I didn’t put them in the bin and gave them another chance. Sustainability is very important for our environment and we need to think twice before we throw something to bin. Either we find the way to fix it or offer things that we don’t need anymore to people in need.

#sauna Outfit

As autumn knocks on the door many people turn to spa to find the relax and wellness comfort. Here is a handy tip for shy sauna goers. Take a bath size towel and cut it to fit size for skirt and bra. Then sew two tunnels on bra and one tunnel on skirt in the place where waist is located. easy to wear in between Saunas and swimming pools. This is a simple example, but imagination has no limits. Pockets and waistband can be sewed on the skirt. Enjoy this time of the year as it marks the beginning of the festive season…